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About me

I'd like to welcome you to Ruth's Yummy Stuff.
I have been cooking and baking for many years and would like to show you recipes of all types.
I will be sharing tips on cooking,baking, gardening, and being frugal with food.

I really like to eat and cook healthy.
But, some recipes found here would be considered more yummy than healthy.
But, all in moderation, right?

I am a married mother of one teenage girl.
I am also a homemaker.
I live in Iowa beside a gravel road .

I love to see what I can do with food.
Can I make something you normally can only buy in a store or restaurant?
If I put this and that together, will it turn out yummy?

In the earlier days of this blog, I didn't post as many pictures of my food.
I am slowly trying to rectify that.
I do have a lot of recipes so that will take a while.

I do have a recipe index up top. It is in order of the name of the recipe with a few exceptions.
If you want to look up a certain food- say brownies: type it in the search on the front page and it will list my brownie recipes.

Any articles or tips are listed under Tips and Such.

Thanks for checking out my blog.

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