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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Liebster Award

I just received the Liebster Award from We Bless Your Heart.

This is a complete surprise.

From what I gather the rules for the Liebster Award have changed, depending on who gets it and gives it.
But, each involves time it involves sharing random facts, asking random questions, and sharing the Liebster Love.

So, here are my random answers to random questions.

 1.  Who or what is Liebster? In German, it is a sweetheart or beloved person.

2.  How long have you been blogging? This May my yummy stuff will be 4. Welcome to Me is about a year younger. I have articles on the web that I have written before that.

3.  Do you have animals? A turtle named Rainbow, cats named Lacey, Minnie, Sparkle, Rusty, and Stanley.

4.  Are you still in contact with any of your high school friends? Only on facebook and they are not close friends.

5.  What is your favorite tree? The weeping willow. I had one, but the drought last year did her in. I am still sad about that.

6.  Do you have an artistic side you have expressed? I used to make my daughter's Halloween costumes. One year, I made a wicked looking alien head.

7.  Do you enjoy getting together with your family? Yes and no. It is complicated.

8.  Do you blog on or No. Only on blogger.

9.  What is your favorite color? Fuchsia

10.  Do you take or do or believe in  natural, alternative health? Yes, I do. Very much.

11.  What do you wish I had asked you? What my favorite thing is. It's hugs.

Now, for my 11 random facts:

1. I hate watching reality shows.
2. I have an outhouse hooked onto my garage.
3. I hate to drive.
4. I carry my camera with me at all times because you never know. Many times I didn't have it and later wished I did.
5. I collect glass decanters.
6. I have been married for 15 years.
7. I grow a huge garden every year.
8. I spend more time proof reading my posts than I do writing them.
9. I am currently a homemaker.
10. If I could, I would eat quinoa every day.
11. I know how to can.

Now, I am supposed to ask questions.

1. Coffee or tea?
2. Have you ever made money from your writing or is it strickly for fun?
3. What is your favorite snack?
4. Do you collect anything?
5. Have you ever gone fishing?
6. How often do you blog?  
7. Do you comment on blogs you read?
8. Do you believe a joke is just a joke or that some things should never be joked about?
9. Do you think this is a long post and a lot of questions?
10. Sweet or salty? Or neither?
11. Do you DIY?

Because I am generous, I would like to give this award out to all who reads this and wants to answer and ask questions.
Go ahead. Take it.


  1. Congratulations on the Liebster! I'm curious about the outhouse attached to your garage.

    I'm also stopping by to welcome you to the A-to-Z! Good luck!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

    1. I wrote a post on it the first year I did the A-Z.
      My house is almost 100 years old so they had to go somewhere. :)
      Thanks, Shannon.

  2. Great post - congrats on the Award, you're such a Liebster too! Yup, we love you!

    Love the outhouse bit too...funny, but it's true, back in the dark ages they still needed a place to sit and read the funnies!!!

    Where's Al when you need him...he's got the perfect header photo to accompany my comment. :P

    1. Thanks, Jenny.
      I don't know that Al has ever been over here.
      It's so full of junk that I'd hate to imagine having to use it. Needing to go so bad that you're dancing around trying to pull drainage pipe and fence posts out of there. It could end up a bit messy.

    2. I just sent him here via a link in a comment I left for him on my site. He's our new Muse (boy muse that is)...but we won't tell him, right! (Hi Al)

      I'm chuckling at the description of what's in that outdoor facility of big is this puppy?!

      Al has an outhouse minus the house part...I'm giggling so hard I might have to run to the loo myself...hahahaha's been a while since I've had this much fun blogging...thanks!

    3. It's pretty good size. Built for two. I am sure back in the day, a two seater was grand. I just know, I would not want to be sitting right next to someone doing my business. Come to think of it, there are two seats, but not a lot of room in the front. So if you have the first seat, you are pretty much trapped til the other person gets up from doing their business.

    4. Oh Ruth, that's just so wrong, but I'm good with it...lord knows I've had my day of sharing a seat...peeing my pants laughing as I write this...truly!

      I'm so tempted to do a "road trip" this summer to check out the two seater. :)

    5. You would be more than welcome if you decide to come on down.