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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Ripening

My bell peppers are starting to ripen. I love having red peppers as well as the green.

What I hate, is the waiting. They stay green for so long before they start to turn red, yellow, orange, purple, or whatever color you have.

My daughter prefers the green for snacking. But, the sweetness of the fully ripe pepper is great in cooked dishes.

The white powder on my plant is Diatomaceous Earth. It's organic and tomato horn worms and grasshoppers have been my enemy in the garden this year.

So, if you want ripe peppers and think they will never turn, just wait and wait.
And wait a little more.
They will get there.


  1. love peppers! keep thinking i am gonna make stuffed peppers one of these days--you should give me a recipe :)

    1. Lynn, I thought I had one up, but I don't. I have been meaning to get it posted. I shall do that today. :)