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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Gluten Free Pie Crust

I LOVE pie! Out of all the desserts in the world, I think pie would be tops. My favorite filling is debatable. There are just too many great ones to choose from.

I gave up wheat a couple years ago, for health reasons.
I know there are plenty of wheat recipes scattered on the blog.
But, many of the recipes can be used with other flours.
A lot of the recipes I wrote before I quit wheat.

The biggest thing I missed was pie.
It is really hard to make a gluten free pie crust in the way I always made a crust.

Most recipes I came across were for using parchment paper to roll it out.
I didn't want to do that.

Or, they were just for single crust pies.

So, I came up with this recipe. The crust came out flaky, just like a pie crust should.
This is best made ahead at least a few hours or even overnight.

You will need plastic wrap for wrapping the dough in.


2 cups Gluten Free All purpose flour blend- I used Namaste Perfect Flour Blend, but use what works for you.
1 teaspoon salt
2/3 cup butter
1 egg
2 to 4 Tablespoons water
2 teaspoons lemon juice

In a small bowl, whisk together the lemon juice, 2 Tablespoons water, and the egg.
Set aside.
In a larger bowl, mix the flour and salt.
Work in the butter with your hands or a fork until the mixture is crumbly like.
Some of the butter pieces can be bigger and some smaller.
Add the egg mixture and stir in with a fork.
If it is really, dry add another tablespoon and the last tablespoon, if needed.
Work it in with your hands just until it you can get it to come together in a ball.
Divide the dough in two and make into slightly flattened balls.
Wrap in plastic and refrigerate for a few hours, preferably a day.
When ready to make your pie, take a piece of dough out of the refrigerator about five to ten minutes before rolling it out.
Flour the counter well, put the dough on it and flour the top of the dough.
Carefully roll it out to a little larger than the pan size, turning over every so ofter so the dough doesn't stick to the counter or the rolling pin.
Transfer the pie crust to the pan and fill it.
Repeat with top crust.
Stick the pie, covered, in the fridge while preheating the oven.
Place a cookie sheet or pizza pan in the oven before you preheat.
Preheat according to the recipe.
To bake the pie, place the pie on the pan. It will make for a crisper crust.
Make sure to put slits in the top crust before you bake. 


  1. Way to go. Not into pies much myself. but for people with gluten intolerance, that is a great recipe for them to have.

  2. Thanks for this recipe! I am writing it down now. I am getting tested for gluten sensitivity and right now am on a two week no gluten in my diet. At the store I think I picked up the wrong flour. The flours are very confusing. I got stone ground rice flour and tried to make the biscuit recipe that someone gave me and they turned out flat and hard as stone. I swear if I painted them and hung them on my Christmas tree people would think they were made to be ornaments. :)

    1. Gossip_Grl, it is tricky using GF flour. Most people make their own blend or buy a blend. Since there is no gluten, you have to add xanthan gum or guar gum or a mix of flax and water or chia seeds and water. Most blends have the xanthan gum added, but you have to check the label. For pie crusts, some people prefer not using the xanthan gum added. But, the egg is needed or it just doesn't want to roll out and it falls apart.
      You know, you just made me think of something. Way back when I was in elementary school, our class made tree ornaments and took them to the nursing home to give to the residents and after that we sang carols. While we were singing, this loud crunch was heard. One of the old guys started eating his ornament.

    2. Ugh I'm sorry to take up another comment space but I did forget to tell you I know I shouldn't have laughed but that is so funny about the guy eating the Christmas ornament.

    3. Laugh away! It was funny.

  3. Thanks so much for these tips and for the link you sent me. I am on day 5 of no gluten I feel like I have so much more energy and this morning is the first time in I can't remember when that I felt like I have had a full nights rest. Not only that I have had problems with high sugar levels and with a diabetic family history as well as having gestational diabetes when I was pregnant that pre-determined me to get it at some point in my life. Last year I started having many symptoms so I now have to check my blood sugars daily when I wake up, before and after each meal and before bed. One thing that shoots it way up is I am a big fan of the pasta and breads. High carb intake is a problem for those of us who have to monitor our sugar. I can't believe that in these 5 short days that I have had no sudden rises after my meals. So I'm thinking that even if my test comes back negative to the sensitivity that I will probably stay with the gluten free.

    1. Diabetes runs in my family too. My husband went gluten free after seeing what his step dad went through last year. Heart problems and diabetes. I am glad that it is working for you.
      I have problems with inflammation when I have wheat. Gluten intolerance is in my family.
      Have you tried spaghetti squash? Not exactly like pasta, but close.
      There are breads that you can make with almond or coconut flour. Not bad. A little different, but I like it.

    2. It is amazing the folks that I am learning about now that have the problems with gluten. I didn't realize in the past. If this new way of eating helps my knee, I will be doubly happy. :) I did try spaghetti squash and I agree it wasn't really exactly like pasta, but I added a little marinara, tomatoes, and grated Parmesan oregano cheese with a few pieces of Bruchetta on top and baked it and It was delicious! Oh and I just added the link to your Yummy Stuff Recipes on my post today! TG I found some cookie recipes over here to try!

    3. Thank you! I understand about the knee pain. I get it in my back. I couldn't believe that just cutting out gluten would make the pain stop.