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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ginger - A Spice of Many Talents

Ginger is a great herb in so many ways. It does more than just give great flavor to your foods.

Ginger can be used in many ways.
You can buy a ginger root and grate it or chop it.
You can buy dried ginger that is ground.
You can also buy crystallized ginger.

Ginger has preserving properties. If you have ever made gingerbread cookies, you will notice that they keep and taste good for a really long time.

Ginger is also good for your health.
It will help nausea. It also helps your body digest fatty foods.
It also helps get rid of heartburn and the pain of arthritis.
It can also be good for your blood and ultimately your heart- it helps in the same way aspirin does.

So, the next time you add ginger to your yummy stuff know that you are doing something good for yourself.

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  1. That's brilliant! I didn't know ginger had so many wonderful uses. Especially liked the part about how ginger is good for the heart, just like aspirin. Some people are very sensitive to aspirin and wouldn't be able to sustain a low dose aspirin therapy. And, for them, ginger might serve the same purpose. Thanks for those great ideas on how to use ginger.